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  There are several good Kitesurfing spots in West LA starting in Venice Beach, extending north to Santa Monica (Tower 28), further north-west to Pacific Palisades (Will Rodgers and Topanga) and then west all the way to the end of Malibu (Zeros, Leo Carrillo) to the start of Ventura County (County Line and Deer Creek). Make sure you check with the locals and life guards on the latest rules and restrictions before pumping up - in the high season some of these beaches are closed for kitesurfers.  
    Tower 28 - Santa Monica 
The wide Santa Monica beach makes this a perfect spot to learn flying the kite in the sand before taking it out into the water.  The wind usually comes up in the afternoon and often blows steady in the mid teens to low twenties. Due to the north-south direction of the beach and the common west winds the wind is mostly onshore. However we often have WNW wind directions and then the wind hits the beach at a nice 30-40 degree angle coming from the north - so you take off towards your left (south) when going out.
    Will Rodgers - Pacific Palisades
Located on the north end on the Will Rodgers parking lot. A wide beach allows a safe and easy launch. Stay south of the concrete storm drain. The beach is slightly tucked behind the point breaks at Sunset and Topanga. Good especially when we get an overall stronger wind from W/SW. You can go upwind from here and ride the sunset point break, but respect the surfers.
    Topanga Beach - Malibu
Kites are launched on the northern part of Topanga beach, just south from the beach houses. The beach is quite small, depending on tide and season it can be rocky and the buildings cause a wind shadow which makes the launch a little more tricky. I only recommend this spot for experienced kiters. Once in the water, stay north of where the surfers lineup. Topanga can be a good wave riding spot. Beware of rocks close to the shore in the shallow waters. It often starts blowing early, between 1 and 3pm, but is also shuts down earlier than further out in Malibu. Be prepared for some dusty gear, the beach sand is mixed with dust and dirt, especially when you get closer to the street. 
    Zuma Beach / Trancas - Malibu
In the off-season this is a good spot for learning. A wide open beach with steady side, slightly onshore, conditions.  In the summer, especially on weekends, the lifeguards often don't allow kites because of too people on the beach. Even though the swell can be ok, the water tends to get very choppy with increasing winds. The wind comes over the open ocean and there is no kelp to hold the wind waves back and make the water smooth.  If you are a beginner this is the right spot. No matter if you are learning to stay upwind, you are body dragging or simply practicing to fly the kite on the beach. Stay away from the swimmers south of the launch spot, best walk a little upwind along Broad Beach if you can't stay upwind yet. 
    Zeros / Nicolas Canyon - Malibu
Park at the Nicolas Canyon parking or on PCH outside. Walk down the hill and up north along the old broken road just above the beach. Go past the red flags, kiters need to stay north of the at all times.  This is almost a 1 mile walk, likely the reason why this beach is very empty. But once you are there, this place is beautiful. The beach is narrow and the wind can get funny close to the steep hill up to PCH. Once on the water, stay north of the red buoy.  Swell is not perfect but if can be a very nice and fun spot, especially on very busy summer days when everything else is shut down.
    Slot / Rattle Snake Trail / Leo Carrillo - Malibu
Park on PCH and walk down Rattlesnake trail to the lifeguard tower. Go south past the rocky beach and launch once beach opens up and gets sandy. Many kiters launch here and go upwind to the "slot" to ride waves. You can also stay and kite Nicolas Canyon beach, but I recommend to go a little further south past the big rock sitting in the water - after that rock you have 2 miles sandy beach. Same beach as "zeros" (see above) just coming form the other end.
    Leo Carrillo North Beach - Malibu
Probably one of the most convenient kite spots in Malibu. Go into the Leo Carrillo state park (camp ground) entrance, follow the small road, undercross PCH and continue all the way back.  You can park 20 feet from where you pump up your kite on the beach, there is a restroom and an outside shower. Good spot for playing and wave riding, but sometimes the waves build up late and break right on the beach. The kelp 400ft outside filters the wind waves and makes the inside nice and smooth. In the high season North Beach is often closed for kiters until later in the afternoon.
    County Line - Malibu/Ventura County
A popular surf spot with many nice breaks along the beach shore. Kiters launch around the lifeguard tower and stay south of the surfers. When there is a good swell you can take the waves very early outside and ride them all the way to the beach. Much better break than North Beach, but no kelp and therefore more choppy.
    Deer Creek - Ventura County
This launch is mostly used to start a downwinder towards County Line or further to Leo, Nicolas or Zuma.  The launch is sketchy, tiny beach, some rocks and power lines next to the street on the ocean side. Get the kite up quickly and go out on the water, don't fly the kite on the beach longer than necessary. Even if going downwind, it is fun hanging out at Deer Creek for a while, the kelp goes close to the beach above the launch and makes the water super smooth. The swell comes in nicely too.
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