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    Welcome to MER10.com
    Downwind Sessions
A great way to work on transitions, carving, s-turns, load and pop, toe-side, landing big air, and your latest tricks. Join us for our next downwind session....
    Kite Trips
We travel with students all over the world to kite warm waters or snowy mountains. Check out our upcoming trips and events and join us on one of our next trips.
    Kite Tuning Session
A one hour session for kitesurfing students who have purchased their own equipment and need technical assistance. 
    Kitesurfing Lesson - Introduction
For those who know they want to get into the sport and need to learn all the skills to become fully independent.
    Kitesurfing Lesson - Water Session
This class is designed to build on all the skills covered in the introduction adding in the board and working on getting your first rides.
    Kitesurfing Lesson - Advanced
Many people choose to take further lessons. After getting the water start, some of the next skills include staying upwind, transitions, riding toeside, and of course jumping.
      More Kitesufing Lessons...
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